Campaigns are various missions in which you can gain red rubies for completing various Objectives held within. Red rubies are currently used to purchase a jeweled chest at a ratio of 100 rubies for 1 jeweled chest.

Campaign Selection

To select a Campaign, after your first reset, you will be taken to a screen that looks something like the image below. When starting a new game, the first campaign is ALWAYS to reset the world. By doing so, you will be rewarded with 100 Red Rubies, and unlock the ability to choose your next campaign. By selecting "Free Play" you may play the game normally, without any objectives or restrictions, however you will not be rewarded with any Red Rubies. This is always a great, no pressure way to receive Idols if you plan on just making a quick Idol run to build up your DPS and Gold find.


Running a Campaign

Campaigns have many various objectives to them. For instance, the Campaign in the photo below requires me to "Beat area 150." That means, not only will I have to make it to level 150 with my Crusaders, but they will also have to survive and eliminate the boss that waits for me there. If I can successfully take him out, at reset, those Rubies will be mine! As you can see, your Campaign Objective is shown right at the top of the main screen. If you scroll your mouse over the image, it will give you detailed information about your objectives, I have outlined that in red in the photo to make it easier to see. New Campaigns are being added all the time; the more Idols you collect, and Campaigns you complete, the more you unlock as well! Also, the more difficult the campaign, the higher the reward!


Special Campaigns

There are special campaigns run occasionally that allow the acquisition of extra crusaders, introduce different formations, give different styles of objectives, and who knows what else the developers have tucked away in their kit bags!

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