Large numbers are represented in Crusaders by adding a suffix in a similar way that computer memory is measured, the difference is that computer memory works in multiples of 1024 bytes to make 1 kilobyte; 1024 kilobytes to make 1 megabyte and so on.

Crusaders of the Lost Idols uses pure multipliers of 1000. So 1000 DPS is the same as 1K DPS; 1000K gold is the same as 1M gold; etc.

In the table below, the value is represented as a power of 10—that means that the raised number after the 10 is the number of zeroes after the one in the fully written out number. The names given are the US, Canada and accepted modern British names based upon the short scale system of names for each new multiple of a thousand (103), for other naming systems such as the traditional British long scale, where names are given for each new multiple of a million (106), see the Wikipedia article on names of large numbers.

These are the values that the game is currently using, however, as it is still in beta, this could change. It is increasingly unlikely to change as the years go by.

Abbreviation Name Value Equivalent
K Thousand (Kilo) 103 1000
M Million 106 1000K
B Billion 109 1000M
t trillion 1012 1000B
q quadrillion 1015 1000t
Q Quintillion 1018 1000q
s sextillion 1021 1000Q
S Septillion 1024 1000s
o octillion 1027 1000S
n nonillion 1030 1000o
d decillion 1033 1000n
U Undecillion 1036 1000d
D duodecillion 1039 1000U
T Tredecillion 1042 1000D
Qt quattuordecillion 1045 1000T
Qd Quinquadecillion 1048 1000Qt
Sd Sexdecillion 1051 1000Qd
St Septendecillion 1054 1000Sd
O Octodecillion 1057 1000St
N Novendecillion 1060 1000O
v vigintillion 1063 1000N
c unvigintillion 1066 1000v

Once any value has gone beyond 999c the game automatically switches into scientific notation.

Scientific, or Engineering, Notation

This is often observed on calculators and in spreadsheets, when a number starts to get longer than around eight digits. Looking at a couple of simple examples first will help to understand:

Standard decimal notation Scientific notation
42 42 × 100
4.2 × 101
0.42 × 102
0.042 × 103
1234 1.234 × 103
9876543210 9.876543210 × 109

Scientific notation allows for any value of exponent to be used, whereas engineering notion (as used by Crusaders) only uses multiples of three. Now, when displayed in the game the × 10 part gets replaced by the letter e (for exponent) and the actual exponent value is shown normally (not as a superscript), so the above table values, if they were being shown in the game, would be shown as:

Standard decimal notation Scientific notation
42 0.042e3
1234 1.234e3
9876543210 9.876543210e9

In the game options, it is possible to select constant display of scientific notation, this switches off the use of the abbreviations listed on the page here.

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